Try One of these Recipes

Try one of these delicious drink or snack recipes.  Each one was created by a fellow member.

We also recommend exploring your own recipe.  Mix and match what is listed below, or come up with something original using Revital U Brew.

Brew Me A Frap – You’re going to need a blender for this treat!

1: Combine 1 scoop of revital U Coffee into half a cup of cold water.
2: Pour into a blender and add half a cup of vanilla almond milk.
3: Add half a frozen banana or frozen strawberries.
4: Add a scoop of protein powder for flavor (vanilla, strawberry or chocolate).
5: Bonus: If you’re feeling like a double Chocolate Frap, add 4 to 5 dark chocolate chips or cacao nibs.
6: Add crushed ice and blend until frothy.
7: Taste and add sweetener or raw Agave to preference.
8: Top with whipped cream and enjoy!

Karen Mitchell, TX


Tangy Twist

1. Pour yourself half a glass of fresh orange juice.
2. Add a scoop of revital U Coffee.
3. Stir and drink!

Karen Marsden, UK


Vital Vanilla

1. Combine a scoop of Coffee into a cup of vanilla yogurt.
2. Stir and enjoy!

Lori Duvernell-Preston, WI


A Sweet Combo

1. Add one and a half scoops of Coffee into 8 ounces of hot water.
2. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey.
3. Finish it off with 1 to 2 teaspoons of creamer.

Alicia Bevan, TX


Top It Off With ‘Mallows

1. Combine a scoop of Coffee with 8 ounces of hot water.
2. Add 2 tablespoons of creamer.
3. Top it off with a handful of marshmallows!

Sherail Compass, TX


Coffee Oatmeal With A Dash

1. Make yourself a serving of oatmeal.
2. Add a banana and a little bit of milk.
3. Remember, a scoop of Coffee.
4. Finish it off with a dash of cinnamon.

Carole Albriton, TX

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